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Who we are

Since 1988, the company BIES NIKOLAOS is active in the import, marketing and wholesale in building material stores throughout Greece and retail in the prefecture of Arta of Italian cement tiles WIERER and Austrian BRAMAC and clay tiles of BRAAS, FBM subsidiaries of the Lafarge-Roofing-Monier group.

A dynamic course in the field of building materials


We provided a solution with WIERER’s cement tiles in the coldest regions of Greece because the tile has zero water absorption, thus avoiding contraction-expansion at low temperatures.


We have provided a solution to your home’s aesthetic issues since with our wide range of designs and colours we can satisfy any thought for modern or traditional homes as well as for renovations and listed buildings.


We provided solutions with new materials such as membranes, graphite insulation with aluminium for temperature reflection, proper roof ventilation and ready-made chimneys that fit perfectly on WIERER tiles.


We gave certifications:

30 years written warranty from WIERER covering the product in terms of bending strength and water permeability from the mass of the material.
Monier produces all these products in 152 factories around the world with no competition in terms of durability, quality, aesthetics of its products and holding all the ISO 9001-ISO 14001-CE certifications that make it the leader in the roofing industry worldwide.
Monier with BRAAS manufactures clay tiles with the most modern machinery with the widest range of designs and colours, thus combining technology with tradition and covering its products with a 10-year written factory guarantee.

Our partners